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We would rather like to be viewed and felt as a   " CUSTOMERS  HOUSE ARCHITECTS " as we feel  convinced , that this is a more apt and fitting connotation to the abbreviation " CHA " , than the the conventional  " CUSTOM HOUSE AGENT "  as is called in india  ,  or " CUSTOM BROKERS " as is known internationally ,which gives  a  biased  image  of a " SERVICE PROVIDER "  who  trully acts  as  a  facilitator to the trade at large and as such are akin to the “CREATORS OF VALUE AND WEALTH” for the customers.    

We  are the " ARCHITECTS "  who will create the " BLUE PRINT " of success & progress of our valued customers  and be their  army ,  regularly planning  their cost effective “LOGISTICS” and make their  organisation  " LEAN  &  MEAN  "  vis - a - vis  , their competitors. 

Every customer dreams to have a  " PERFECT SERVICE PROVIDER "  who will take off the bulk of the complex " LOGISTICS " from their shoulders, to facilitate  them to focus on their  " CORE JOBS "  ;  production planning , cost cutting  and waste management   and   marketing  strategies ,   resulting in increased  sales  &  revenues   and  attaining  optimum  profit  &  returns  against  the  capital   involved  and  investments  made.  

We are living in an  era of rapidly changing standards  &  values   of    a seamless world , which  has become  a  " GLOBAL VILLAGE "   where the word  "  KAIZEN "  or  " CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT " has become a mantra. 

We   step in to keep up with these  changes constantly and make our  " BRAND "  "  KESHAVLAL  KALYANJI " (KK)  a " TRADEMARK " in "QUALITY" and  a  " BENCHMARK "  in  service levels .  

We will strive to  be the epitome   of  a true  " CHA "  ( customers house architect), who  could  consistently  provide  extraordinary  services  ,constantly quality  conscious  and  loyal to the  cause  and goals of our dear customers at all times.



56/57, 2nd Floor, Bombay Mutual Building, Sir P. M. Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001, INDIA

Tel. +91 22 2287 5182 / 3 / 4, E-mail - customersupport@keshavlalkalyanji.com

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